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AMC Launches AMC Gold

AMC announced they will launch a new program franchise called AMC Gold. Beginning in October, AMC Gold will feature a new film every month that the network deems to be “essential viewing.”

“AMC is the curator of the highest quality movies on basic cable and AMC Gold, along with the other primetime franchises, signifies the network’s approach to showcase our library more strategically and to build an infrastructure that will continue to deliver iconic movies to our audience in an engaging way,” stated AMC General Manager and Executive Vice President Charlie Collier.  “These programming events are clearly yielding results for the network and we look forward to extending the success with AMC Gold as we continue to build a unique viewing experience that caters to the demands of our targeted viewers.”

AMC Gold is the latest in a series of programming franchises that hope to reel in demographics that are currently underserved by the network. It joins other franchises such as AMC Hollywood Icon, AMC Celebrates and AMC Complete Collection.

AMC Gold will premiere with Sergeant York in October, which will be followed by films including On The Waterfront, Apollo 13, and The Good The Bad And The Ugly. AMC will package each film with exclusive content unique to programming block.