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Amazon Spent $8.1M on TV to Push Prime Day

Prime Day was good for TV networks.

Online giant Amazon spent $8.1 million on TV commercials to promote Prime Day, when it aimed to lure shoppers with special bargains, according to Kantar.

The $8.1 million was part of the $13.2 million Amazon spent overall on TV from July 1 to July 16.

Of its spending behind Prime Day, $4.3 million went to cable TV networks. The internet retailer spent $1.8 million on network television and nearly as much on $1.6 million on Spanish-language TV.

Kantar said the level of Spanish-langauge TV spending indicated the importance of the Hispanic market to Amazon.

Amazon also spent $5.9 million on internet display ads from July 1 through July 16. The bulk of that spending was Prime Day banners on

Search was also a significant part of Amazon’s promotion for Prime Day. It spent $350,000 sponsoring the keyword “Amazon” Prime during the 16 day period. It also sponsored other terms related to Prime Day, but that spending was a fraction of what it spent on the “Amazon Prime” search term.