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Amazon Sci Fi Drama ‘Utopia’ Done at Season One

John Cusack in Amazon Prime Video's 'Utopia'
(Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Sci fi drama Utopia will not see a second season on Amazon Prime. The series debuted Sept. 25 and Gillian Flynn was showrunner and executive producer. 

Inspired by a U.K. series that ran 2013-2014 and developed a cult following, Utopia had eight episodes. It was about a group of comic book fans who bond online and find that the conspiracy behind the comic is actually real. 

“The comic foretells the demise of humanity and the world as we know it,” said Amazon, “thrusting this group of underdogs to embark on a high-stakes twisted adventure to use what they uncover to save themselves, each other and ultimately humanity.”

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Many felt the series was timely in 2020. “The show does feature a panic-inducing viral outbreak,” executive producer Jessica Rhoades said. “But it’s more about how different groups of people band together to save the world.”

John Cusack plays pharmaceutical exec Dr. Kevin Christie. Rainn Wilson and Sasha Lane are also in the cast. 

Flynn’s books include Gone Girl and Sharp Objects. She described Utopia as “The Goonies meets Marathon Man.”

David Fincher worked on an earlier version of the series for HBO, tapping Flynn to write.