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Amazon Prime Grabs Peter Farrelly Comedy ‘Loudermilk’

(Image credit: AT&T)

Seasons one and two of comedy Loudermilk premiere on Amazon Prime March 12. Amazon Prime has also acquired season three. 

The first two seasons ran on AT&T’s Audience Network, which was shuttered last year. It had ordered a third season for the show, which was set to run in 2019 but never did. 

Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort created Loudermilk. The show centers on Sam Loudermilk, a former music critic and alcoholic in Seattle who is a substance abuse counselor with a bad attitude.

Ron Livingston plays Loudermilk. 

Amazon has not shared when season three will premiere. 

After a relapse in New Orleans and a falling out with his best friend and sponsor, Loudermilk is back in Seattle, trying to piece his world back together. With his “Sober Friends” meeting hijacked, a messy new relationship, and a stumbling start back into writing, Loudermilk does a bit of soul searching in the new season.

Will Sasso, Anja Savcic, Timothy Webber, Brian Regan and Jackie Flynn are also in the cast. Sony Pictures Television produces Loudermilk

Farrelly’s films include There’s Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber and Green Book, the latter getting the Academy Award for best picture in 2018. Farrelly told B+C he had “zero interest in television” when he first arrived in Los Angeles in the ’80s. “TV is where it’s at,” he said back in 2017. “It’s a better place to be. You can do more in TV than you can do in movies.”

Seasons one and two of Loudermilk have 10 episodes apiece.