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Allbritton Revenue Up 3% in Fourth Quarter

Allbritton Communications reported fourth quarter net operating revenue of
$53.67 million, a 3% gain from the same quarter a year before. Taking political
advertising out of the mix for both 2008 and 2009, ad revenue climbed 14.6% in
the fourth quarter.

Most station groups have been reporting revenue decreases in the fourth
quarter, thanks to the lack of political advertising in 2009. Today, Scripps
reported that its fourth quarter revenue was up when political is taken out of
the equation.

Local and national advertising were up 14.1% in the quarter, while operating
cash flow grew 25.8%.

Allbritton reported its earnings in a 10Q filing. The Virginia-based company
operates eight ABC affiliates, including WJLA Washington and KATV Little Rock,
as well as the Politico website and newspaper and the cable channel NewsChannel