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Al Gore Turns On the Current

Al Gore’s new cable network, Current, made its debut, launching its mix of newsy feature and lifestyle programming on systems serving 20 million homes.

The network’s first hours were an odd amalgam of video produced by the network and pieces collected in Current’s big push for pieces submitted by outside amateurs.
The initial schedule is fairly loosely structured, with one mid-morning slot starting with a social worker talking about Christianity, followed by a listing of DVDs studios are releasing tomorrow (Dukes of Hazzard, Season 4!) followed an exploration of Paris Hilton’s hacked cell phone.
The network describes its approach to short-form programming as "the TV equivalent of an iPod shuffle." The bulk of the network’s distribution is on DirecTV, which had carried NewsWorld International, a small news network purchased earlier this year by a group led by Gore and lawyer Joel Hyatt.
The rest is on a smattering of cable systems, including some Time Warner and Comcast properties.