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Akimbo Lines Up Queue-and-View

Akimbo Systems is looking to help cable operators give video on demand a push—literally. The San Mateo, Calif.-based company's new Queue-and-View system lets operators deliver VOD content to the digital video recorder set-top box sitting in the subscriber's home.

Josh Goldman, Akimbo chief executive officer, says the one-stop solution will make it possible for operators to generate new revenues from things like foreign-language programming, home schooling, sports or other content that differs from typical VOD offerings.
Cable operators can make available content from their own VOD servers or from Akimbo’s Web site. Cable customers visit the Akimbo site to request content that resides on the company's servers. The content is then delivered via the cable system to the set-top box.
The goal of the system, says Goldman, is to expand services without expanding capital expenses.
Akimbo already offers a subscription service that delivers TV programming over broadband Internet to a proprietary box. The Akimbo Service was launched in beta in late 2004 and relaunched in April.