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Ailes Answers Critics

Despite a spate of attacks on his top-rated cable news network, the voluble Fox News Channel Chairman Rogers Ailes has personally resisted fighting back. But he took a few moments with B&C to offer a few choice words about his critics and the competition.

On and Common Cause’s failed charges with the Federal Trade Commission that FNC’s “fair and balanced” slogan was false advertising:

I’m happy with and Common Cause and those other clowns. They drove our ratings up 10%. How do they call it Common Cause? I never got an application. needs to move on from bitching about us being fair and balanced. They’re lying about their marketing. Their assumption is people made us No. 1 because people are stupid.

On Robert Greenwald’s hypercritical documentary of FNC, Outfoxed, which liberally used footage from the network without permission:

Any news organization that doesn’t support our position on copyright is crazy. Next week, we could take a month’s worth of video from CNN International and do a documentary “Why does CNN hate America?” You wouldn’t even have to do the hatchet job Outfoxed was. You damn well could run it without editing. CNN International, Al-Jazeera and BBC are the same in how they report-mostly that America is wrong and bad.

Everybody should stand up and say these people don’t have the right to take our product anymore. They don’t have a right to take a year’s worth of Dan Rather or Ted Koppel and edit it any way they want. It puts journalism at risk.

On plans to spin off a business news channel from FNC: 

Nothing is imminent. We thought we needed to compete with CNBC, but they’re dead. We would launch in a clear climate.

On Dennis Miller’s CNBC talk show:

We gave Dennis three minutes a week on Hannity & Colmes, and he was great. But if you’re going to give a guy five hours a week and not support him with enough writers and producers, it’s not going to work. [NBC Universal TV Group President] Jeff Zucker better get over there and write some jokes for him.