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Affleck, Damon Hope for New Home for ‘Project Greenlight’

HBO docuseries Project Greenlight was canceled by the network. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon produce Project Greenlight, which offers a close-up at how feature films are made through the eyes of first-time filmmakers.

HBO said it “imagined” just a one-season revival upon resurrecting Project Greenlight in 2014.  

Project Greenlight, which ran for four seasons, debuted on HBO in 2002. After two seasons, the series moved to Bravo.

Project Greenlight was ahead of its time,” said Affleck. “Now that technology has caught up to the concept, we thought it was a perfect time to bring it back.”

Damon told the AP that he plans to shop the series to streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. On the cusp of his Jason Bourne film’s release, Damon said he was “shocked” by HBO’s decision.