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Affils Vent Anger to CBS

CBS' affiliates have gone beyond the Janet Jackson stunt to say that they oppose CBS’ decision to air any of the halftime show.

They also said they will “cooperate fully with the [Federal Communications Commission's] investigation,” and with any other inquiries, for that matter.
In a letter to CBS president Leslie Moonves, CBS affiliate board chairman Bob Lee of WDBJ-TV Roanoke, Va., said the affiliates “could not support the network,” in its decision on halftime entertainment.

“From beginning to end, the show was in poor taste and reflected poor judgment,” Lee wrote. He said that CBS had “let us down and embarrassed us in front of our public.”

Lee called on CBS to supply the affiliates with “full and immediate” information on its efforts to identify how the Jackson incident occurred and how it can assure them that “no episode of this kind will ever occur again.”
CBS had not returned calls at press time, but earlier in the day it agreed to an extended audio-video delay of the Grammy Awards Sunday night.