Affiliates Getting Pulled Into Politics Over Ads

While stations in places including Montana and Wisconsin this year have already been sucked into politics over ads, affiliates around the country are on the brink of getting embroiled in disputes over the veracity of commercials in the presidential campaign.

Still a day away from wrapping up the Democratic National Convention, the Hillary Clinton campaign is reportedly taking steps to see that affiliates pull a Donald Trump super-PAC’s ad that accuses Clinton of supporting outsourcing.

The new ad, called “Outsourcing,” is sponsored by Rebuilding America Now, which plans to run 10 ads between now and election day.

The ad suggests Clinton received a $1 million donation to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for a 2008 speech at a private event in India in support of outsourcing. The 2008 speech, during which Clinton said “I don’t think you can effectively restrict outsourcing,” and the donation were made in different years, Clinton leaders say.

CNN reported that the super-PAC has commitments for $60 million in donations.


Meantime, the Montana Broadcasters Association has advised local broadcasters to consult their lawyers about continuing to air an ad that call Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte a "millionaire from New Jersey.” Gianforte’s lawyers sent TV stations a cease and desist letter, saying the accusation is false. The candidate attended college, and spent the early part of his career, in New Jersey but hasn't lived there for 20 years, they say.