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AFA Is Target Of Content Complaints

The American Family Association was the target of its own indecency complaints after it sent out an e-mail alert asking members to complain about an episode of NBC's Las Vegas.

The alert contained a clip of a scene in a strip club, and "a significant number" of members then complained to AFA about its inclusion in the e-mail.

"We receive about an equal number of complaints from those who get upset when we don't provide the actionable material. So we are caught in a bind," said AFA Chairman Donald Wildmon. "Provide the actionable material and get complaints, or don't provide the actionable material and get complaints." Sounds like a network programmer's dilemma as well.

Still, Wildmon says the group will henceforth pixilate the naughty bits and explain what it is pixilating in any future clips it sends out.

Offended or not, the AFA members apparently got the message. According to AFA Founder Don Wildmon, 170,000 e-mail complaints were lodged with the FCC. The FCC's enforcement bureau was checking at press time on just how many complaints it had received. A spokesperson for the consumer affairs branch, where the complaints might also have been lodged, had not yet returned a call.