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AFA Praises Spellings Over Buster Busting

Morality-watchdog group the American Family Association (the Rev. Donald Wildmon) is generating an online "thank-you" letter campaign to new education secretary Margaret Spellings for complaining to PBS about an episode of  kids' series Postcards from Buster.

The show is mostly funded by the administration through its Ready to Learn initiative.

PBS decided not to distribute the episode, much to producer WGBH Boston's unhappiness, over concerns about the storyline, which features a lesbian couple. Buster, an animated Bunny, visits diverse, real, families around the country. PBS said it made the decision before it got the letter from Spellings.

WGBH, which is planning to air the episode anyway, joined by some other noncommercial stations, says the show is about making maple syrup, and that the family is one of a number of diverse families it has profiled, including Jews, Muslims, Fundamentalist Christians and Mormons.

AFA applauded Spellings' letter, saying: "Please send a thank you to Secretary Spellings for her bold stand.  Homosexuals are using their public attack on Secretary Spellings to keep her from taking similar actions in the future and to scare others from following her lead.  We must not let that happen."