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Advertisers Spend More to Hit Mobile Markets

So-called "alternative" out-of-home marketing spending was up 27% in 2006, according to PQ Media which tracks ad spending on video ad networks, digital billboards and ambient advertising.

Spending in 2006 was up to $1.69 billion with an additional 28% growth rate expected in 2007.

According to PQ, the 27% growth rate is compared to a 10.6% growth rate for all out-of-home media, and only a 6.4% growth rate for the ad industry. In both cases, however,  "alternative" out-of-home numbers are starting from a smaller base, so the percentage increases will be magnified.

Digital billboards got huge exposure in 2006 with Turner's Aqua Teen Hunger Force campaign, which ultimately cost a few million dollars in settlements with flustered cities, and the head of Cartoon Network his job, but it did succeed in making the show a household name for a few days.

Digital billboards are the fastest growing group with spending up 55.4% in 2006 to $233.2 million, according to PQ.

The results were based on surveys of over 1,000 companies.