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Advertiser-friendly move

WorldLink Partners, WENA Productions and Mansfield Television Distribution Co.
are targeting the 43 million Americans who relocate each year and the
advertisers that want to reach them.

America's Moving to ., a syndicated weekly, will premiere in January 2003
with Ryland Homes as its presenting sponsor. Mark Atkinson, president and
founder of WENA, and Kathleen Ray will host the program.

Each week, the show will focus on a different destination and look at
lifestyle factors including recreation, real estate, schools, shopping and
healthcare. The program also will include interviews with local celebrities,
politicians and businesspeople.

WorldLink will sell spots in the program, but it also plans to create
"alternative marketing opportunities" for advertisers in each show, including
Internet tie-ins and product placement.

WENA will produce 18 original episodes, which will be distributed to stations
by Mansfield.