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Adlink Touts VOD-Advertising Progress

Adlink, the cable interconnect for the Los Angeles market, said it successfully completed two marketwide video-on-demand campaigns reaching subscribers of Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications and Cox Communications.

Adlink, which reaches almost 2 million VOD subscribers, launched a trial run of its VOD-advertising plan, which pairs traditional 30-second spots with long-form ads delivered through the VOD menu, in the fourth quarter of 2007.

The first campaign, for a luxury auto client, used 22 of Adlink's program networks to direct potential consumers to 10 long-form videos highlighting a variety of models. The most-watched long-form-video was "The Purchase Experience," which showed viewers the experience of purchasing an automobile.

The other VOD campaign was a public-service announcement on healthy living that used 30-second spots across all Adlink networks and provided viewers with three animated, educational long-form videos that encouraged viewers to visit the organization's Web site for more information. The three-month campaign generated 13,391 total views and 1,008 hours of long-form viewing with an average viewing time of five-and-a-half minutes, Adlink said.

"In four weeks, the automotive VOD campaign generated 4,500 views," said Lisa Palmer, general manager and general sales manager for Adlink, in a statement. "The success of this campaign illustrates the potential of VOD as a valuable part of a media plan."