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Ad Council Hails PSA Potentates

Silver Bells, Silver Bells, it's Ad Council award time in the city (San Francisco, that is).

Turner Broadcasting System Inc. and Comcast Spotlight were each getting Silver Bell awards Tuesday from Ad Council President Peggy Conlon at a ceremony at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association Convention in Las Vegas.

Turner is Cable Network Programmer of the Year, and Comcast MSO of the year, though both awards are about their support of Ad council PSA campaigns, and particularly what Conlon called "precedent-setting models for PSA placement and tracking."

Conlon also gave a hand, though not a bell, to the whole cable industry for donating more than $264 million in ad time last year.

The Ad Council serves as a clearinghouse for public services campaigns, collecting the donated airtime and talents of the media and ad industries and helping turn it into PSA efforts on a wide range of issues.