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Activists Launch Sinclair Site

A group of anti-media-consolidation activists under the banner Media Matters for America and including and MediaChannel have launched a Web site (

The site plans to draw attention to Sinclair Broadcasting's nightly commentaries, urge surfers to contact Sinclair advertisers and call on the group owner to air opposing viewpoints.

"The campaign aims to spur action against Sinclair Broadcast Group's use of the 62 television stations it owns or operates to systematically promote partisan political interests," the groups said on their new site. Of particular concern is a nightly "news and commentary" segment, "The Point," by Sinclair vice president Mark Hyman.

Hyman could not be reached for comment.

When asked whether there was something wrong with Sinclair taking strong opinions in its editorials, Jenny Brennan, a spokeswoman for the groups, said they thought good stewardship of the airwaves required airing both sides of a story.