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ACA likes Adelstein

The Pittsburgh-based American Cable Association -- which represents smaller, rural
independent cable operators -- thinks it may have a friend in new Federal Communications Commission member
Jonathan Adelstein.

"His knowledge of our members' specific issues in the cable-television
industry," ACA president Matt Polka said in a prepared statement Monday, "along with his
experience in congressional and regulatory policy matters means that he can help
ensure that the unique telecommunications needs of smaller, rural markets served
by independent cable businesses are raised in the FCC's decision-making

Is that just the standard boilerplate, or something more? Something more,
said ACA director of communications Andrew Muhl. "Coming from agrarian roots in
South Dakota," Muhl said, Adelstein "is aware of everything from broadband to
[digital] TV as it affects our constituency. There is no track record, so it's hard to
tell, but we are excited and are holding out hope that he is really going to
support us."