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ABC starts dessert storm

They say an army travels on its stomach. Well, a journalistic army apparently
does, too.

According to our scouts, ABC's Washington, D.C., news bureau ordered up 459 boxes of
Girl Scout cookies during the recent annual drive, with Nightline taking
the lion's share at 146 boxes.

World News Tonight came in second with 121 boxes, followed by a
"miscellaneous" category (desk assistants, security guards, couriers) 93 boxes;
This Week with George Stephanopoulos, 78; and 20/20/PrimeTime,

Another 15 boxes were donated to a "send them off to our sailors [in the
Gulf]" category, plus there were some impulse buyers.

The most popular cookie: "Thin Mints," of course, at 143 boxes, followed in a
distance second by "Samoas," 88.