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ABC News Goes Hollywood

AMC and ABC News are teaming up on a series of five Hollywood-themed documentaries.

The first fruits of the new joint venture will be Bleep: Censoring Hollywood?, about new technologies from companies like ClearPlay and  that allow users to sanitizing DVD's of films. The hour show debuts April 26 at 10 p.m.

The issue has been much in the news lately, with Congress currently considering a bill, the Family Movie Act, that would establish that the technology does not violate the copyrights of film producers like ABC parent, Disney. That bill has passed the Senate and a House subcommittee.

In its attempt to "explore the broader debate of censorship vs. artistic freedom in the digital age," the documentary profiles major “film sanitizing” players ClearPlay and CleanFlicks, and interviews with, among others, Rep. Lamar Smith, (R-Tex.), author of the Family Movie Act, and former Motion Picture Association of America President Jack Valenti.