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ABC News Details Gibson-Palin Interviews

Charles Gibson will do multiple interviews with Alaska Gov. and Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin in Wasilla and Fairbanks, Alaska, Thursday and Friday that will air on virtually every ABC News telecast.

The first of those interviews will take place Thursday and will air on that evening's World News, with more on Thursday's Nightline and Friday's Good Morning America, although there may be another interview Thursday after World News wraps that will be included on Friday's Good Morning America.

Palin will also subsume Friday's 20/20, which is being called The Interview: Sarah Palin with Charles Gibson.

A large portion of Gibson's sit-downs with Palin will air on the newsmagazine. ABC News correspondent Kate Snow will also have a report about Palin's personal and professional background. And This Week's George Stephanopoulos will moderate a live roundtable discussion on the state of the presidential race. Panelists for that roundtable are still being worked out.

Since she burst onto the national stage less than two weeks ago as Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) surprise running-mate pick, the campaign has declined to make Palin available for media appearances citing attacks on the her qualifications and intrusions into her private life, specifically the pregnancy of her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol.

Several speakers -- including Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee and Palin herself -- fired broadsides at the media during speeches at last week's Republican National Convention.

Campaign manager Rick Davis told Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace Sunday that Palin would not do any interviews "until the point in time when she'll be treated with respect and deference."

The McCain campaign offered Palin to ABC News and Gibson, specifically, according to the network. They also set the timing of the interviews, the first day of which will coincide with the deployment of Palin's eldest son, Track, to Iraq.

All of this has made Gibson's interview something of a national obsession, with everyone from Maureen Dowd to Keith Olbermann to the Anchorage Daily News and the public suggesting questions for Gibson.

Nearly 500 people wrote in to The World Newser, the World News blog, with questions for Gibson to ask Palin.

"We've read every post," World News senior producers wrote. "We've divided them by subject (interestingly, Iraq topped the list); and we've given a stack to Charlie. He -- and we -- appreciate the input."

By contrast, when Gibson interviewed McCain during the Republican National Convention, there were 105 questions posted.