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ABC mulls rocky marriage reality show

ABC Daytime is looking at launching The Last Resort, a reality series from Fisher Entertainment and Wheeler/Sussman Productions, where feuding couples are sent to an island to figure out if they want to stay together or break up.

Sources say the project could wind up as an ABC network show or could be distributed through Buena Vista as a fall 2002 syndicated series. If it lands in ABC Daytime, the show could launch sooner than 2002. In both scenarios, the show would run Monday-Friday.

As to whether The Last Resort will be a Disney-ized version of Temptation Island, "absolutely not," disagrees a source. "There's nothing in common. There will be four couples on the rocks, but they won't be tempted at all (by attractive third parties)."

Instead, trained therapists are expected to be present to help couples work out their problems. As a definite difference, some of the couples featured will likely be married, say insiders.

At press time, neither an ABC nor Buena Vista spokesperson could be reached for comment. - Susanne Ault