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ABC Kicks Off HD Blimp Shots

ABC's Monday Night Football telecasts will have HD coverage from the heavens, thanks to a Goodyear blimp outfitted with microwave technology.

Ikegami cameras will capture the on-field action and shots of the stadium. However, JVC's DM-JV600U HD MPEG0-2 encoder and the DM-D4600UC MPEG-2 decoder are responsible for moving the HD pictures in and out of Nucomm's microwave transmission system.

The system was successfully tested on August 9. The DM-JV600U compresses the camera signal into a 25Mbs transport stream that is then fed into the Nucomm Analog-Coder for transmission to the trailer on the ground. In the trailer, JVC’s decoder converts the MPEG-2 data into a 720p feed for ABC’s HDTV telecast.