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ABC Buys Rich-Kid Reality Show

Insiders confirm that ABC has bought a reality show from Granada America in which spoiled, rich kids, a la Paris Hilton, are stranded in a remote Australian location over the course of two weeks.

Viewers will vote on who remains while the group figures out how to fend for themselves without all the comforts of home.

The show is a take-off on the format of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, which has been a big hit in England and Germany, but didn't work so well for ABC during the 2003 February sweeps.

This time around, however, the format will be radically changed, said one insider, making the show more exciting.

No name has been selected and the casting has not yet begun on the show, which will run for 10 nights in a row with a two-day break in between.

The events of the prior day in Australia will comprise each night's show, with the last six minutes airing live. ABC may or may not air the program this summer, depending on how quickly casting and production come together.

Neither ABC nor Granada had any comment.