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ABC Assesses Programming Post-Katrina

In light of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, ABC is sidelining promos for Invasion that feature a fictitious hurricane and is reassessing all its programming, but has no plans as of now to cancel or to edit the Sept. 21 premiere.

The network released the following statement on Thursday:

"First and foremost, our thoughts go out to all those affected by this tragedy. As with anything as serious as this we are taking great efforts to assess sensitivities with regard to our series. We are currently looking at all our programming and marketing efforts with this in mind. Our changes and adjustments are ongoing."

Early in the first episode of the new ABC drama, a hurricane hits the Florida coast--which leads to the main plotline of the show.

While the footage is brief and relatively tame, it does depict the aftermath of the disaster, including an overturned automobile and a damaged house, images that might be sensitive given the situation in the Gulf Coast region.