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ABC Affil Chair Supports Bono Filings

ABC affiliate board chairman Deborah McDermott said she is "pleased" that the CBS and NBC affiliate groups have filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission opposing its Bono "F-word" decision making swearing actionable under indecency and profanity prohibitions regardless of context.

"This is an important issue for all broadcasters because of the ambiguity created by that decision and the apparent change in the way the law is being interpreted," she says.
So far, the ABC network alone among the Big Four has not weighed in at the FCC against the decision, but McDermott says the board is studying the issue and that she will recommend it consider filing its own comments.”
In addition to the CBS and NBC affiliates, noncommercial stations and the industry-funded Media Institute have filed comments opposing the Bono ruling.
Calls to the Fox affiliate chairman had not been returned at press time, but a former chair said that Fox has not encouraged the stations to file and there has been no “groundswell” of sentiment to that end from the rank and file.