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AAAA, ANA team for Ad-ID

The American Association of Advertising Agencies and The Association of
National Advertisers announced this week the formation of a new joint venture --
Ad-ID -- that intends to create digital identification codes for every
advertisement that airs on TV (all forms, including cable and satellite), radio,
print, even outdoor. That's the goal anyway.

In effect, the venture is designed to create digital versions of some 5,700
analog codes already in use by advertisers (also designed, implemented and
managed by the Four A's and ANA) known as Industry Standard Coding
Identification system, or ISCI. But Ad-ID will represent a significant expansion
of the ISCI format, which is largely a system for network TV spots.

The digital Ad-ID will embrace commercials for all media, says John Kaiser,
senior vice president and day-to-day operations head for the new venture.

The venture should be up and running by fall, with headquarters in New York.

At first, Ad-ID will serve as a huge database but already the venture is
talking with outside parties about developing a system to track when and where
ads have run.