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605 Names Charter Exec Mitchko-Beale to Board

TV measurement and analytics company 605 said that Charter executive Stephanie Mitchko-Beale has been added to its board of directors.

Mitchko-Beale, currently chief technology officer and executive VP at Charter, will be able to draw on more than 20 years of experience in media and cable technology to guide 605 as it develops new products.

“Stephanie is an industry expert who has been on the forefront of engineering and technology strategy for more than twenty years,” said Kristin Dolan, CEO and founder of 605. “I am genuinely thrilled to add Stephanie, who is both a long-time colleague and a friend, to the Board of 605. As the company cements its leadership in the advertising data and technology industry, she will be a valuable advisor and important resource to me and to our entire team.”

Prior to Charter, Mitchko-Beale served as the chief technology officer and chief operations officer for ad-tech company Cadent and spent 15 years at Cablevision when it was owned by the Dolan family.