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60 Minutes story angers department store

Following a 60 Minutes story that aired accusations of discrimination
against minority customers at Dillard's, the retailer has apparently pulled ads
from CBS affiliates in four of the 29 states -- North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky
and Ohio -- in which it operates.

None of the stations affected, according to the CBS station group, is
actually owned by CBS, and not all of the stores in those states were affected,
according to local reports.

Dillard's has not commented to the media regarding its decisions, and it did
not return phone calls to B&C.

Peter Diaz, general manager at KHOU-TV Houston, where Dillard's pulled
$30,000 in advertising, said it was unclear how long the store would keep its
ads off the air there.

The retail chain also informed the station that its stores were private
property and that the station should not film there without permission.

'I don't know what their strategy is,' said Diaz, whose station is owned by
A.H. Belo Corp., not CBS. 'If the strategy is for us to pressure CBS, that's not
going to happen.' Sometimes, he added, 'when advertisers get mad, that's what
they do. But we have to maintain independence as a news