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60 Minutes Scheffler to exit

Philip Scheffler, executive producer at 60 Minutes for 23 years and
a 52-year veteran of CBS News, will step down at the end of this season.

60 Minutes senior producer Josh Howard will move into the executive-producer role, and
Scheffler will remain a consultant through the following season.

Long considered the right hand of 60 Minutes founder Don Hewitt,
Scheffler was a segment producer in the 1970s, and he has had a supervisory hand
in producing and editing every 60 Minutes report broadcast since 1980.

Hewitt first hired Scheffler in March 1951 as a copy boy for Douglas
Edwards and the News

Later that year, he became a street reporter for the program, CBS said, and
out of necessity, he created the first "crude" news TelePrompTer after feeding
Edwards copy through heavy, hand-written cue cards.

Scheffler used wide adding-machine paper and a typewriter with extra-large
type to type the anchor's copy.

Scheffler rose through CBS as a writer, reporter and producer and has worked
on countless award-winning programs.

Scheffler himself has won 17 Emmy Awards.