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25. Lin Television

16 stations/4.44% of U.S.

We're looking at everything," says Paul Karpowicz, vice president, Lin Television. "If we think a show is really good, we'll make a real effort to get it."

Daytime is the focus for Lin's ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates. "Daytime is where we have our greatest need, and late night becomes a secondary concern," says Karpowicz. The group's WB and UPN stations are looking for programming to be used in all the time periods. "They have needs all over the place," he adds.

The TV group has made some acquisitions. It has picked up Crossing Over With John Edward
in five markets. With talk show ratings on the decline, Karpowicz thinks Crossing Over
is drawing attention because it is "very different." Of the new offerings out there it has the most unusual format, he says. "It's certainly the most unusual concept we've seen in quite some time. If nothing else it will generate a lot of interest." Lin plans on airing Crossing Over
in daytime and in some cases early fringe. The show features psychic John Edward, who supposedly communicates dead relatives' thoughts to their surviving family members.

Lin has also cleared Caroline
in four markets. The group purchased Iyanla
for one station and is still discussing buys for other markets. It picked up Ananda
for a couple of markets, says Karpowicz. Most of these new shows will run in daytime. However, Rendez-View
is going in late night at eight stations, he says. Lin will use some of these new offerings to replace some court shows, he explains.

The UPN and WB stations are also looking for available off-net work programs. The group is adding Spin City
to WB affiliate WBNE (TV ) New Haven/Hartford, Conn. And the group could be shopping for weekend offerings. "We're big supporters of Relic Hunter, The Immortal
and Queen of Swords. We'll see if those are coming back," adds Karpowicz.

There are no changes anticipated in access for Lin stations, he says. The group's schedule is working well with Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Inside Edition
and Entertainment Tonight.