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2009 Cable Show: Canoe Ventures to Launch Product By May

Cable Show 2009: Complete Coverage

Washington -- Despite complaints that the cable interactive advertising consortium is moving too slow, CEO David Verklin said that Canoe Ventures is gaining speed, gearing up to launch an addressable advertising product, dubbed community addressable advertising, in the next four-to-six weeks.

While that is a bit later than the venture has originally expected -- it had hoped to launch in the first quarter -- it does mark progress for the year-old venture.

Verklin, speaking on a panel at the Cable Show '09 here Friday, said the product will allow advertisers to target specific messages to zones. He cited American Express as an example, which will send out an ad for its "green" card nationwide, and at the same times ads for its "gold" card to the 370 zones in the country where household income exceeds $100,000 annually. Verklin said that about 18 million homes would receive the gold card message, while about 42 million homes would receive the green card ad.

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