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WHAS Louisville Reshapes News

Doug Proffitt of WHAS Louisville
Doug Proffitt of WHAS Louisville (Image credit: WHAS)

Since arriving in Louisville in 2018 after running news at KUSA Denver, WHAS president/general manager Christy Moreno is focused on improving the news content at the Tegna station. The 4 p.m. news has shifted into “a more conversational show,” Moreno said. 

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Hayley Minogue anchors. Born and raised in Louisville, Minogue understands the local vibe. “She’s got a really interesting way to look at news,” said Moreno. “Since she’s from Louisville, she gets the people here. She puts her flavor on the show.”

Julie Wolfe is WHAS news director. 

Late news relaunched last November. “Night Team” branding was brought back from the decades of yore. Doug Proffitt anchors. 

“We’ve changed the mood and feel of the show,” said Moreno. “We’ve tried to make it a can’t-go-to-sleep-until-you-see-the-end-of-the-show kind of show.”

For the 244 days before the relaunch, the 11 p.m. news got a 5.2 household  share. For the 244 days after, the share stood at 6.3.

“We’ve had really great success there,” Moreno said.