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Fox 29 Focused on Race

WTXF’s Shaina Humphries on Our Race Reality.
WTXF’s Shaina Humphries on Our Race Reality. (Image credit: WTXF)

WTXF’s Our Race Reality specials run two or three times a month. They began because station management thought the news cycle related to George Floyd’s death in May would eventually quiet down, and they felt issues pertaining to race should continue to be discussed. 

Each 30-minute edition has a topic, such as “Buying Black,” about the importance of Black-owned businesses, and “Going Natural,” about the natural hair movement. “We have to invest in each other,” said one source in “Buying Black.” “That’s gonna bring our community back.”

logo for WTXF's Our Race Reality

(Image credit: WTXF)

“It’s a very powerful, relevant and important show,” said Dennis Bianchi, WTXF senior VP and general manager. “Every story is meant to educate and we’re excited to take that approach.”

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Our Race Reality will continue to air after the racial-equality battles lose momentum. “We’re going to keep the conversation going for as long as it takes,” said Jim Driscoll, VP and news director. 

“Forever,” Bianchi added.