TV Review: NBC’s ‘Marry Me'

Husband-wife duo David Caspe and Casey Wilson, who worked together on ABC’s Happy Endings, team up on freshman rom-com Marry Me on NBC. The new series, also starring Eastbound & Down’s Ken Marino, premieres Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. The following are reviews from TV critics around the web, compiled by B&C.

“At its best the show’s language is inventively and diversely funny, drawing laughs in two or three or four different ways within the space of seconds.”
—Mike Hale, New York Times

Marry Me is not a direct spinoff of Happy Endings, but it might as well be. Created by the same writer (David Caspe), set in the same city (Chicago), following the same theme (love, enriched by pop culture immersion and thwarted by immaturity) with the same cha-cha-cha cadence (rant, rant, breathe; rant, rant, breathe), Marry Me also stars Casey Wilson, who brings the same charming high-intensity scattiness to Annie as she did to her Happy Endings character Penny.” 
—Mary McNamara,Los Angeles Times

What sets the show apart from the rest of the season's cookie-cutter rom-coms is that it skates past the meet-cute (shown in flashback) to ask us to root for a fractious long-time couple for whom snark heals all self-inflicted wounds”  
—Matt Roush, TV Guide

“But amid a fall with several similarly themed shows, including NBC’s more promising A to Z, there’s just not enough substance here to suggest “happily ever after” is in the show’s future.” 
—Brian Lowry, Variety

“Similar to the difficult path to the chapel laid out for Casey Wilson and Ken Marino, it’ll take more than one try for Marry Me’s proposal to stick.”
—Erik Adams, AV Club