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TV Review: Fox's 'Enlisted'

Fox debuts military sitcom Enlisted, which was pushed back from its original November air date, on Friday at 9:30. Below is a compilations of reviews of the show from around the web.

"I wasn't expecting much from Enlisted based on the Fox promos, but it's immediately engaging and funny and makes you want to watch more as this world grows and the comedy increases its potential, much in the manner of Brooklyn Nine-Nine."
-Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

"Spoofing military life is nothing new, of course, but a lot’s transpired since McHale’s Navy. And while Enlisted appears to possess a pretty clear set of marching orders, in this sort of midseason exercise, that’s only half the battle."
-Brian Lowry, Variety

"A family comedy and a workplace comedy, it could as easily have been set in a summer camp or a ballclub. But the (essentially apolitical) military theme works well, as it pays due respect to those who only wash and mow."
-Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times

"Like its noncombat soldiers, Enlisted may not be taking big shots. But it knows what it is, and it’s proud to serve."
-James Poniewozik, Time

"Enlisted may feel curiously dated and dangerously slight, but it's not offensive (a low bar many Fox comedies fail to reach) and it's not cynical. If nothing else, this is clearly a show with heart."
-Robert Bianco, USA Today (opens in new tab)

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