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TV Review: The CW's 'Beauty and the Beast'

The CW premieres its remake of Beauty and the Beast Oct. 11 at 9 p.m. The following are reviews from TV critics around the Web, compiled by B&C.

“The CW’s Beauty is laughably bad in myriad ways. There’s no sense of star-crossed lovers, just a plasticized romance between a Cover Girl and a glum, anger-prone male model.”

– Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“It is all so dreadfully familiar - the lovely, headstrong and feisty heroine, the nice guy who wants her (in this case, the medical examiner played by Max Brown) and the broken bad boy she loves instead.”

– Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times

Beauty and the Beast tries too hard to set itself apart from the classic retelling of the tale that aired on CBS from 1987 to 1990. Both shows were created by Ron Koslow, who would have been better advised to simply remake his earlier show without fooling around with the concept of the classic tale.”

– David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

“Only The CW would take a super hunky dude who would make most women swoon and call him a Beast because he’s got a couple of cuts on his face that, strangely enough, make him magnetically more attractive to other beautiful people.”

– Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

“When Vincent undergoes a Hulk-like morph here, he looks like a guy who downed a fifth of whiskey, got on the losing end of a bar fight and fell face down in a puddle. Needless to say, he’s not as scary as he is pathetic, not a “beast” as much as a slob.”

– Verne Gay, Newsday