TV Review: CBS’ ‘Intelligence’

CBS premieres Intelligence on Tuesday Jan. 7, 9 p.m. ET. The following are reviews from TV critics around the web, compiled by B&C.

Intelligence bills its technically enhanced hero as ‘the next evolution of intelligence,’ but the series itself feels like a throwback — and a comfortable, well-constructed one at that. Lost’s Josh Holloway provides a welcome dose of humanity as the however-many-million-dollar man, a covert agent plugged directly into the information grid, essentially putting the entire Internet at his fingertips.”
—Brian Lowry, Variety

“Gabriel's super powers are the thing meant to set the show apart, but theIntelligence writers frequently do a poor job of differentiating how he's any different from someone wearing Google Glass.”
—Alan Sepinwall, HitFix

“It’s great to see the actor get the chance to anchor a series of his own, but even Holloway can’t redeem cliché-addled scripts and a premise 40 years past its sell-by date. Kurt Russell might have made a go of this stuff in 1969’s The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, but these days, it’s hard to be impressed by someone who can perform tasks slightly faster than someone holding an iPhone.”
—Zack Handlen, A.V. Club

"Intelligence, also premiering Tuesday before moving to its Monday slot next week, wasn't so much developed by Michael Seitzman as it was assembled from elements of other shows. That could describe much of broadcast TV, but it won't take long before you find yourself thinking, ‘Where have I seen this before?’”
—David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

“Then, there's the show. Get past the cartoon violence, and stock characters. Ignore (if at all possible) the obvious point that Clockwork is pretty much Chuck Bartowski's ‘Intersect’ and that Matrix-like stop motion scenes—which are artfully designed—are, well, Matrix-like. The fatal flaw is that dumb ‘intelligence’ device, Clockwork, which is basically just a pair of Google glasses in Gabe's brain.”
—Verne Gay, Newsday