TV Review: ABC's 'Mixology'

ABC bows bar comedy Mixology on Wednesday night at 9:30/8:30c. The series, from Hangover writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, has the plum Modern Family lead-out spot. Below are reviews from around the web compiled by B&C.

"And worse yet for a sitcom, none of the characters are funny or memorably performed, which makes you wonder why, exactly, ABC thought their show would be a good match for Modern Family. Did the network think by pairing one of TV's best sitcoms with one of the worst, the hour would average out?"
--Robert Bianco, USA Today

"Once you get past the gimmick – a bunch of singles in a bar, as played out over one wacky night – Mixology quickly establishes itself as an inordinately appealing comedy, blessed with quick wit and a promising array of characters. "
--Brian Lowry, Variety

"Characters say things real people never would just so that we may find them funny, or pitiful, or gross. There is something mechanical and arbitrary about the plotting, as if a mess of gears that didn't actually go together had been smashed into some semblance of a working order."
--Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times

"Mixology is almost like a pop-up ad that you’re required to watch in order to see the show you've actually clicked on."
--Hank Stuever, The Washington Post

"What's indisputable is that the Mixology cocktail has been served to us before.

"Say this for ABC's new sitcom, though: It does start with the mildly novel premise of following 10 people for one night in one bar.

"Order early and often. It's looking like a long night."
--David Hinckley, New York Daily News

Jessika Walsten

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