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TV Review: ABC's 'Body of Proof'

ABC premieres its newest medical drama, Body of Proof on Tuesday, March 29 at 10 p.m. The following are reviews from TV critics around the web, compiled by B&C.

“If not for Delany, Body of Proof would be easy to ignore. It’s mostly just another basic procedural drama that contains a lot of familiar components.” Chuck Barney, Contra Costa Times

Body of Proof doesn’t break any new ground as a procedural and has more than enough hokey moments to make you look elsewhere. But as a case study of how and why star vehicles get made, this is textbook. Fans of Delany won’t want to miss it.” Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

Desperate Housewives alum Dana Delany usually shines, but this new drama does her no favors” John Griffiths, Us Magazine

Body of Proof is, in other words, a mash-up of half the popular mystery series on TV right now: a little bit Castle, a little bit Bones and a whole lot House. How effective you find it depends almost entirely on how you feel about Delany.” Alan Sepinwall, Hitfix

“At least Body of Proof has Delany, who’s always interesting to watch even when she’s uttering unfortunate lines such as “I’m not most people” or “Don’t believe everything you’ve heard about me. The truth is much worse.” Likewise, though she is surrounded by a cast of cookie-cutter characters,” Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times