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Traveler: ABC

On another, more important level, we know exactly where "Traveler" will go, which is from reveal to reveal, and from the man behind the man to the man behind the man behind the man, until we no longer care…I see only spinning wheels in the future of "Traveler." (Boston Globe) “It's another excellent premise that might work well as a one-shot movie but feels like it may be grasping in its attempts to make it as an ongoing series” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) “The show… can easily be enjoyed simply as a fairly proficient thriller, pushing the kind of buttons that Alfred Hitchcock used to push with such films as "North by Northwest" — although here they're pushed with much less artfulness and finesse.” (Washington Post) “Traveler” takes young, handsome protagonists and plunges them into an adult world of terrorism and government deceit. And in these times, that could be a popular combination.” (NY Times) "The action is fast and sometimes even compelling, if not entirely believable - or even a little believable." (NY Post) “Another workmanlike, reasonably decent thriller.” (Chicago Tribune)“Like so many current serials, [it] requires viewers to buy into the idea that its heroes have no choice but to do very unobvious things.” (Philadelphia Daily News)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd