State of Mind:Lifetime

"One of the primary attractions of the drama looks to be the fantasy it offers of office mates becoming a community of friends who are continually dropping in on each other to offer companionship and support." (Baltimore Sun)"State of Mind is a smart and edgy series featuring a fresh and talented cast, solid writing, good music and a great premise." (Variety)"State of Mind owes most of its appeal to Ms. Taylor, an accomplished indie actress with unusual jolie-laide looks who brings a wry charm and dignity to the inauspicious role of a wronged wife who is also burdened with an overbearing mother."(New York Times)"Thanks mostly to the acting intelligence and talent of Lili Taylor, State of Mind is the more interesting, entertaining newcomer."(Detroit Free Press)"This is challenging fare, but the smart storytelling and realistic portrayal of professional relationships is unique and worth checking out." (Hollywood Reporter)"The good news is that State of Mind is surprisingly engaging and Taylor continues to be wonderful in just about any role she plays. This is a series that bears watching." (San Francisco Chronicle)"Taylor, whose performance overflows with touchingly wounded dignity. She also gets to deliver a great speech to two of her patients, which, while totally unrealistic, is fun in an overly theatrical kind of way." (USA Today (opens in new tab))"Smart-ass, angry girls’ solidarity characterizes State of Mind."(Pop Matters)"Taylor, being one of Hollywood’s underutilized great actresses, makes State of Mind interesting just by appearing in it. Taylor’s supporting cast is quite good, too."(Chicago Sun-Times)"Taylor gives a forceful performance as a wronged wife who lapses into hallucinations during therapy sessions, but a bitter tone pervades most of the rest of the show."(TV Guide)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd