Spying On The Homefront: PBS Frontline

"Mr. Smith’s look at the activities of an alphabet soup of government agencies involved in the anti-terrorism campaign is a bit jumbled, in part because way too much has been happening on this front to cover in an hour." (NY Times) "Frontline" remains a welcome haven of thoughtful reporting, especially when juxtaposed against TV news fare that's too busy trying to stoke such apprehensions to consider the underlying causes." (Variety)"Like the Bill Moyers documentary on the pre-Iraq press failures, the program does not really contain blockbuster new revelations that are unknown to those who have been attentive to these matters, but is nonetheless very much worth watching because it powerfully dramatizes the severity of privacy erosion at the hands of a federal government operating largely in the dark." (Salon)"Privacy has become an illusion,'' the show concludes. I wonder what Mr. Hamilton and the other Founding Fathers would think?" (Bloomberg)
"Overall, Frontline's segment is a fine bit of reporting and storytelling, adding small bits of new information with compelling interviews with former government officials and a telling bit with a maker of internet surveillance equipment." (Wired)

You can watch the trailer for PBS Frontline: Spying On The Homefront, below.


Compiled by Alex Weprin