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Simpsons Reveals Shocking Fox/FCC Alliance

Turns out the FC’s profanity crackdown against Fox’s Billboard awards show is actually part of a larger scheme by the FCC and the administration to funnel the money from fines to the Republican National Committee, which appears to be run by Dracula, literally.

At least that is according to Fox’s The Simpsons, which Sunday night took aim at both the commission and itself.

I must confess I did not watch much of the show, but overheard the line about funneling money to Republicans and watched the Dracula-headed Republican cabal discussing the issue (my kids, avid Simpsons fans, caught me up on the rest).

It is the second time, at least, that the network has taken dead aim at the FCC’s content crackdown on one of its Sunday night animated shows. The other was the Family Guy episode in which the indecency issue was savaged mercilessly.

In the Simpsons, anchor Kent Brockman is fired for swearing on air and moves to the Internet, where he is such a success that the station woos him back.

At the end, Homer tries to reveal some shocking secrets about Fox, only to be badly overdubbed by an announcer voice promoting House and American Idol.