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Shaq's Big Challenge: ABC

"Maybe Shaq’s bigger challenge should have been finding a way to help at-risk youths that’s far less exploitive and cruel." (Baltimore Sun) "Here’s one way to get your earphone-wearing, video-game-playing, junk-food-eating kids off the couch and into a healthier lifestyle: Give ‘em a Shaq Attack." (Miami Herald)"But ultimately, "Shaq’s Big Challenge" is far less about Shaq than it is about these kids and the epidemic they embody…Now, if only the ABC show’s Web site wouldn’t feature an ad for Dove ice cream." (Washington Post) "Maybe if we don’t know the cause of the obesity epidemic, this, at least, is the beginning of a solution." (New York Times) "The fact that such a thing is not in place is beyond disgusting - it’s a national disgrace and a country-wide crime." (New York Post) "As a practical matter, “Shaq’s Big Challenge” doesn’t offer much advice for obese kids (or adults, for that matter) lacking the benefit of private trainers, nutritionists and doctors, though to its credit, the show quickly dismisses surgery or drugs as options." (Variety) "Maybe the only satisfactory way to judge "Shaq’s Big Challenge" is after it ends. Did O’Neal reach his goals? They matter more than ratings or reviews."(Orlando Sentinel)"Ultimately, O’Neal and his "team" hope to help spur a health revolution for the youngsters, their community and for viewers." (Arizona Republic) "

Compiled by Bryon Rudd