The Real Hustle: TruTV

“Of course, there is one major drawback to the show — which consists of eight episodes scheduled as back-to-back half-hours — namely, that beyond warning consumers about the risks they face from unscrupulous parties, it also illustrates ways people can be swindled, ideally without going quite so far as to provide a “how-to” component. Then again, you can’t make reality TV without breakin’ a few eggs, right?” (Variety)

“It can be informative, like when we see Dani and Apollo nab a man’s cell phone while asking for directions, and when they steal a woman’s trash and ostensibly take her identity, but it’s not anymore enjoyable than all the other watch-and-learn-type shows. And that’s because The Real Hustle isn’t at all entertaining: the cons are too self-impressed with their quick pick-pocketing, and the narrator seems to think that he’s speechifying a Disney movie trailer. It too often condemns us instead of educating us, and that’s never any fun.” (Watch With Intelligence)

“They ask strangers for directions and end up with one person’s cell phone and another’s wallet. (Poor, helpful saps.) But what are we supposed to feel for — or learn from — the three-card monte loser, or the woman who greedily thinks she’s getting a steal on an antique? Most people already know better. I mean, what does Hustle think we are, suckers?” (Entertainment Weekly)

“As a whole however, The Real Hustle hits the mark(s) and keeps on going. It is a solid start to TruTV’s rebranding effort. One thing is for sure, the next time a savvy looking guy approaches asking for directions, I might just have to slowly back away.” (B&C)

“A trio of photogenic faux con artists, some with background as magicians, execute cons on unsuspecting New Yorkers and then reveal their deceptions to their marks. They also show exactly how it’s done, which could be a good warning for viewers but it might also show would-be cons how to get in the game.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

“Exposing the hustle while working the hustle isn’t exactly a new concept to reality TV, but "The Real Hustle," TruTV’s new show, is still an entertaining way to spend a half hour - and you might actually learn a thing or two.” (NY Post)

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