Paranormal State: A&E

“The same excuse hardly applies to A&E, which continues to drift further toward TV’s dark side in its endeavors to entice younger viewers. Even with a regular pre-episode disclaimer, the channel lends credence to paranormal poppycock that consistently generates just enough of an audience to prompt every demo-chasing basic cabler to weigh in with its own straight-faced reality variation on the theme.” (Variety) “If you’re tackling a story on global warming, you have to learn something about global warming," Buell said. "If you’re dealing with demonic forces, you have to learn something about demonic forces.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) “Now, you might say that it’s all manipulated, but I went to one of these ghost hauntings with the crew last summer. I’d tell you what happened to me, but you’d think I had skipped my meds.” (NY Post) “What if the gang from ‘Ghostbusters’ opened their own grad school? The new documentary series ‘Paranormal State’” (Albany Times-Union) “Made by some of the same people who produced Laguna Beach, it’s no wonder the show sometimes borders on the sensational. Viewers are treated to lots of foreboding light effects, clever camera angles, and haunting music…But is that freakishly cold spot in the house they are investigating the result of a restless spirit absorbing all the warmth of energy from that location? Or has the satellite thermometer simply located a persistent draft? Intelligent minds may disagree.” (Philadelphia Inquirer) “There are some creepy moments in the episode but it doesn’t look like the goal of the series is to scare the crap out of people. The main focus of the series, based on the first episode, seems to be on the people who have encountered the ghosts and how their lives have been affected by the encounters. While I was watching the episode, I found myself feeling skeptical about the whole ghost thing but at the same time, feeling sympathy for the family that is featured.” (Cinemablend) "Having watched the first few episodes of ParanormalState, I am willing to say they are just as ridiculous as Scooby Doo was, and not nearly as entertaining." (Broadcasting & Cable)