The Moment of Truth: Fox

“Thankfully, this show isn’t the end of civilization. It isn’t that memorable. It’s just another piece of cheap, stupid trash from Fox reality guru Mike Darnell, this century’s answer to P.T. Barnum—though he’s a pathetic sort of huckster, really, sadly lacking the flair to make his freak shows actually entertaining for the suckers who bite.” (TV Guide)

“Fortunately, we’ve got an idea. The way to fix The Moment of Truth is with famous people. Never before in the history of reality television has a show begged for a celebrity edition more than Truth does. Ordinary people are dull; the one thing that could help this show reach its full potential (with its current, flawed template, anyway) is debauched, down-on-their-luck celebrities with outrageous things to confess. Corey Feldman would probably agree to appear, and he’s been to Michael Jackson’s house — we bet some interesting things have happened there.” (New York Magazine)

“Sure, if someone answers 21 questions truthfully, they win $500,000.  But, in terms of viewers and their rooting interests, no one wins.  At least on Jerry Springer type shows, people will often be vindicated by test results or a surprise reunion.  On The Moment of Truth, someone either reveals an embarrassing or character-damaging secret, or they don’t.  You’re not going to celebrate if your husband admits to having paid for sex in the past.  You’re also not going to celebrate if he admits that he’s never paid for sex.  “You’ve never killed anybody!  Hooray!”  (BuddyTV)

“Here’s one sad reality about Moment of Truth: Given the writers strike and the dearth of original programming, coupled with the powerful “American Idol” lead-in, this lie detector show will spike off the chart.” (Boston Herald)

“I cannot tell a lie: Fox’s new lie-detector show was a slow-paced bore.” (NY Post)

Check out a preview video of The Moment of Truth below… if you dare.