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Miss Guided: ABC

Since this comes from Ashton Kutcher’s production company, the same folks who created Beauty and the Geek, this comedy is a way to combine those two subsets into one person. And compared to most new ABC comedies, it’s at least worth a look. (David Bianculli,

Artifice is the fashion of the day: exaggerated (or just plain ridiculous) characters talking fake talk in worlds sealed off in bubble plastic. Only “30 Rock” has proved itself a master of this kind of contrivance, but “Miss Guided,” a new half-hour comedy on ABC, has sped up and pulled in fairly close to its exalted parking space. (Ginia Bellafante, New York Times)

Your willingness to embrace "Miss Guided" will probably come down to how much you can take of Greer. She might be too much of a sugar rush for some — and the show’s habit of having her directly address the camera can be grating. (Chuck Barney, San Jose Mercury News)

Although it’s easy to approach any late entry in this television season of lost hope as somehow pointless or damaged, ABC’s newest sitcom, "Miss Guided" is not only better than a lot of previous sitcoms on the network, it has the potential to remain a constant source of better-than-average laughs. If that sounds thinly veiled, well, it is. (Tim Goodman, San Francisco Chronicle

Maybe ABC figures if it keeps doing the same sitcom, we’ll eventually give up and watch. Odds are that plan is … well, misguided. But we’ll see. (Robert Bianco, USA Today)

“Miss Guided” uses a similar device as NBC’s “The Office,” in which characters reveal their innermost thoughts in face-front camera confessionals. (Greer would make a great casting choice as Angela’s hated, off-screen sister.) In “The Office,” however, there’s a reason - the Dunder Mifflin gang is being filmed by a documentary crew. Here it is just a tiresome setup for endless contradictions with descending comedy payoffs. “Miss Guided”? Mistake. (Mark Perigard, Boston Herald)

Much less coarse than the promos would lead you to believe, there’s a sweetness to the series that also stars former "SNL" cast member Chris Parnell, born to play an assistant principal. (Roger Catlin, Hartford Courant

ABC’s latest single-camera comedy is utterly relatable. Even better, it’s filled with the same warm yet witty, always smart and eccentric vibe as previous misfit-student faves "Square Pegs," "Popular" and "Malcolm in the Middle." "Miss/Guided" absolutely nails those anxious moments of discomfort, irony, unintended consequence and sheer dread of being, well, the awkward person you actually are. (Diane Werts, Newsday)